Since starting his musical journey at the young age of 13, BACKWHEN has carved out a unique sound style of his own, incorporating elements and taking inspiration from a wide variety of genres including trap, wave, phonk, synthwave, and pop. His production embodies ethereal melodies and voices, with deep 808s and driving drums. With unique style, constant output, and extreme versatility, BACKWHEN is one of the most recognized and talented artists the phonk scene has to offer. He was a key part of the early days of modern phonk being the founder of one of the most influential and widespread projects out there, PURPLE POSSE.



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Upcoming Shows

High Ground Music Festival - Denver, CO - 9/10/22 Tickets here


Previous Shows

Odyssey Music Festival - St. Petersburg, FL - 7/30/22

Warehouse on Watts - Philadelphia, PA - 6/10/22 + DJ YUNG VAMP & kLL sMTH

The Church - Denver, CO - 6/2/22 + UZ & sfam

The Black Box - Denver, CO - 5/27/22 + DJ YUNG VAMP (Direct Support)

The Black Box Lounge - Denver, CO - 1/14/22 [Headline]

The High Dive - Seattle, WA - 11/14/21 [Headline]

Your Moms House - Denver, CO - 9/27/21 [Headline]

Antero Hall - Denver, CO - 9/17/21 + Zen Selecta, Smoakland